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Learning workflows: a new term for the L&D dictionary. Paul Matthews explains why we need to be talking about learning workflows in L&D.


‘Learning workflows’ sounds like a familiar term, something we have heard before, something that we're used to in L&D. But think again, this is not currently a common term already in widespread use in workplace learning.

In recent years L&D has started shifting away from an over-reliance on delivering content and is becoming more involved in changing behaviours and in improving performance. And for this to work L&D finds itself collaborating on and designing programmes of learning-related activities and focusing on how to transfer learning into day-to-day habits and into the job. Enter the term ‘learning workflows’: might learning workflows potentially describe quite well the future nature of L&D’s work?

What are learning workflows? How do they differ from learning journeys and learning pathways? How do they differ from workflow learning? 

Do we really need this new term in the learning and development dictionary? The author and CEO of People Alchemy, Paul Matthews, one of the world’s top thinkers on learning transfer, thinks that we do and joins Learning News to explain why.

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