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From learning to performance

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Learning News talks to Henriette Kloots, creator of the World of Learning Map, used to help L&D teams focus on the journey from learning to performance.


Learning and performance. Two intertwined activities, dependent on each other for each other's success. Learning without leading to performance, at least as far as the workplace goes, might be nice but people do need to improve their performance generally speaking. And to perform, we need to learn skills.

So why does learning and development find the marriage of learning and performance such a slippery concept? Much has been said about a gap between L&D and the coal face, in that L&D might not be embedded enough in the core business.

Performance is one of the most talked about topics in learning and development, but this time we have a map, a physical map showing exactly how to get there - how to get from learning to performance. It's called the World of Learning - a learning and development strategy planning tool. And to help explain it and how it can help, its creator Henriette Kloots, a senior L&D consultant, interim L&D manager and founder of Pink Coat, joins Learning News.