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Drowning in data? Seven approaches to data to help measure success

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Measuring learning results is high on the list of what L&D wants but bottom of the list of its abilities. Steve Lowenthal joins Learning News to discuss Kineo's guide to measuring learning.


How do you measure impact? If you’ve been in L&D long enough, you will have been confronted with questions about the impact of learning solutions. Your internal voice may say ‘yes, of course we make a difference’ but you probably also have a sense of unease thinking about your ability to prove it.

Brandon Hall Group’s 2020 Learning Measurement Study found that fewer than 16% have really got to grips with measuring business impact for any of their learning. And most struggle with measuring virtually everything else - even metrics like participation and satisfaction, never mind knowledge transfer and behaviour change. 

In 2019 learning analytics was a new entry at number three in Donald Taylor's global L&D sentiment survey and it's not been out of the top five since. Despite this sentiment the LPI has L&D's learning analytics abilities consistently bottom of the L&D skills that it monitors.

Earlier this year Kineo published a guide to help learning professionals with learning analytics: Drowning in Data, seven approaches to help measure success. And to explore it and help learning professionals with measurement, Steve Lowenthal from Kineo is here on Learning News.