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Annual L&D Benchmark Report published

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Organisational learning maturity increased marginally over the last 12 months; challenges around learning culture, business partnering, L&D skills and talent retention remain; Anna Barnett and Nahdia Khan from Mind Tools for Business join Learning News to discuss the Annual L&D Benchmark Report.


What is the fundamental goal of learning and development? Ultimately it boils down to having a positive organisational impact. For the past two decades the Annual L&D Benchmark Report has shown how learning and development is progressing with this fundamental goal and what it might do to keep improving.

Over 10,000 organisations and 70,000 employees have participated in the study so far, producing possibly the world's largest dataset on organisational learning maturity and insight into what learning and development teams are doing and achieving.

The 2022 benchmark report is out and the organisational learning maturity index has risen, albeit marginally, indicating that, overall, organisations are improving their use of workplace learning. But it would be wrong to take too much comfort from this. Today's increase does not reverse several years of declining learning maturity and significant challenges for learning and development remain, especially around building learning culture and partnering with employers, talent acquisition and retention, learning and development's own skills and abilities, and in the solutions it provides. 

Two of the team who worked on this year's report, Nahdia Khan and Anna Barnett from Mind Tools for Business, join Learning News today to dive into the results.

Visit the Mind Tools For Business website to download the report and more about getting involved with the benchmark.

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