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Virtual classrooms: one part of the blend

LondonLearning News

Interview with Rory Lawson and Andy Costello from Kineo on the use of virtual classrooms in workplace learning.


Virtual classrooms are here to stay but used in isolation as a sole delivery channel, as often is the case, do they provide the most effective learning?

Following Kineo's series of articles on the virtual classroom, Learning News caught up with the series authors: we discuss recent research into the adoption of virtual classrooms, which skyrocketed during the pandemic and look ahead to what virtual classrooms can offer for the future of learning and why a blended approach of diverse delivery channels is emerging. 

The interview followed a three-part series of articles written by Kineo's Alex Treasure, Andy Costello and Rory Lawson, The story of the Virtual Classroom, available in the resources section of Kineo's website.

Watch the 10-minute interview here on Learning News and check out more features and interviews with learning leaders.