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LPI launches Accredited Learning Spaces

UKLearning NewsLPI (Learning and Performance Institute)

Mentor-led programme helps venue providers meet the needs of modern learners and facilitators.


The LPI (Learning and Performance Institute) launches an accreditation service to validate public venues and facilities as being effective and enjoyable spaces to learn.

As remote working becomes more popular, many business are closing their physical offices. However, face-to-face learning still remains a viable and sometimes preferable method of interaction. L&D teams are therefore actively seeking high-quality public spaces in which to run face-to-face learning events.

Modern learners demand modern learning spaces. Learning Spaces accreditation is designed to help facilities providers understand what makes an engaging and effective learning space, its benefit to the L&D community, and the value of demonstrating agile and continuous improvement. In essence, the accreditation helps the learning space itself, and the people who support it, achieve full potential.

The service is mentor-led, and features a comprehensive evaluation against a set of KPI's in areas such as:

  • Client and corporate integrity
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Client value proposition
  • Sales and marketing
  • Administration, technical, and event support
  • Physical and virtual facilities
  • Customer service
  • People development
  • Business stability and goals

Organisations who undertake the accreditation receive a bespoke report containing recommendations, strategies, and links to resources that will help them maximise the effectiveness of their learning spaces and close any performance gaps. They also become preferred spaces for learning events run by the LPI and its community of members and partner organisations.

Accredited Learning Spaces are recognised only by their official LPI digital badge and presence on the LPI website.

The service is available immediately, via a contact form on the LPI website.