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LPI announces top 15 highest-performing learning departments of 2021

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Using benchmark data from its well-established accreditation programme, the Learning & Performance Institute identifies the 15 highest-scoring internal learning departments, all of whom are operating at the very best levels of performance.


The LPI (Learning and Performance Institute) has issued a report highlighting the Top 15 Highest-Performing Learning Departments for 2021.

Using data collected from the LPI's "Performance through Learning" programme, the report highlights the fifteen highest-performing internal learning functions/departments - those achieving the highest overall KPI scores from the programme's annual benchmark.

Organisations undergoing the Performance through Learning programme are formally accredited by the LPI, and each company listed in the report has held accredited status for at least one year, with some having retained continuous accreditation for over 11 years. Departments that gain LPI accreditation have a clear roadmap by which to build their capability and adapt their strategy for continual success. They demonstrate a strong customer value proposition and are passionate and committed to developing their staff, their training, and their performance.

Speaking about the report, Edmund Monk, CEO, LPI, said: "The corporate training department is under pressure in ways it could not have anticipated only a year ago. Much of this pressure has arisen from the coronavirus pandemic, of course, with the explosive adoption of online learning. But, longer term, the challenge has been how to manage web-enabled technology and the resulting informal and experiential learning that is now commonplace among employees. This shift towards self-directed, bite-sized learning at the point of need has forced many learning departments to rethink their strategies and find ways to engage a digitally-savvy and hyper-connected workplace. Compounding this challenge is the increasing reliance on data, rather than subjectivity, to guide business decisions and strategy.

"L&D, like other departments, is being asked more and more to show value and ROI; and to objectively demonstrate its impact on behavioural and business performance. Obtaining these facts can be challenging if they are not factored into the learning strategy from the outset. However, the highest-performing learning departments are already ahead of the curve. They are focusing less on simply delivering training and more on gaining a deep understanding of the business, the art and science of learning, and the needs of employees in order to facilitate personal development. They are becoming curators of information and resources, individual coaches, performance consultants, data analysts, marketers, onboarding ambassadors, and talent development partners. They are collaborating with the business and building successful learning cultures, attracting new talent and retaining existing employees with engaging programmes."


More details on the operational areas benchmarked and how the results were calculated can be found in the report itself, which can be downloaded from the LPI's website.

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