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LPI announces StoryTagger as media partner

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Video storytelling platform enables learning leaders to bring their expertise and knowledge to LPiLEARN, inspiring L&D teams with real-world experience.

The LPI (Learning and Performance Institute) has partnered with StoryTagger to bring the power of user-generated video content to LPiLEARN, its online academy for learning professionals. 

It is well known among L&D professionals that video is one of the most effective mediums for increasing learner engagement, retention, and productivity. Meanwhile, mobile publishers continue to lower the barrier of entry for video content creators, taking advantage of high-quality smartphone cameras and providing apps with features to rival those found on desktops.

Yet, from the LPI's own research, workplace learning leaders still say their biggest challenges are how to encourage a digitally-savvy learning culture and how to embed learning into the flow of work. One solution to this is to capture the considerable experience and wisdom of heads of learning, who operate at the strategic end of the business, and share this in a structured format that galvanises L&D employees to improve performance.

To implement this "leaders as role models" solution, the LPI has teamed up with StoryTagger. StoryTagger helps L&D leaders plan, record and upload concise and engaging videos using their mobiles, which are then incorporated into LPiLEARN, giving them a platform on which to personally share their expertise with L&D professionals. Through the power of human storytelling, learning leaders offer real-life experiences, recommended strategies, and creative ideas that directly address the toughest challenges in workplace L&D - and ultimately influence organisational learning culure.

Moving forward, the LPI and StoryTagger will work together to develop research and thought-leadership content, adding value to the LPI's in-person and virtual events community, LEARNING LIVE. By collaborating with this wider network of global CLO's and learning providers, the partnership aims to engage community members with dynamic user-generated content that informs and inspires.

Kelly Davis, Chief Revenue Officer, LPI said: 

"LPiLEARN is helping learning professionals rapidly build the skills they need to future-proof their roles, so I am very exited to welcome StoryTagger to the platform as a media partner. Through the power of storytelling, L&D leaders will add their voices to LPiLEARN, providing authentic, practical video content that will prove invaluable to L&D teams as they tackle the challenges of hybrid workplace learning."

Cheryl Clemons, CEO, StoryTagger said: 

"Recent LPI research shows the industry’s weakest skills continue to be marketing, communications, data analytics and demonstrating value. So, it’s no surprise learning leaders list ‘building a digital learning culture’ and ‘the hybrid workforce’ as two of their biggest challenges. Transformation needs storytelling to unite people around the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’. This is why I’m excited about our partnership with the LPI to help fill this huge gap by making employee storytelling central to skills and resource development."


About StoryTagger

StoryTagger is the video storytelling platform helping employees share tacit knowledge and develop key skills in the flow of work. It supports the cultural shift from the traditional 'water cooler' to digital knowledge sharing directly impacting how your people innovate, build deeper connections and develop more agile ways of working.