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Overlap becomes first organisation authorised to deliver TPMA in Iberia/Latin America

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Madrid-headquartered learning provider, Overlap, now offers comprehensive training assessment and monitoring services, backed by the Learning and Performance Institute's well-established competency framework, TPMA.

The Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) is pleased to announce that LPI Business Partner, Overlap, has been authorised to deliver the TPMA certification to Iberian and Latin American organisations - the first business partner to do so in these markets (Overlap operates in Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and Peru).

Overlap is now an Authorised Qualification & Assessment Centre (AQAC), which gives them the authority to provide TPMA assessments to external organisations and provide LPI authorised ‘train the trainer’ courses which include the TPMA assessment as part of the course.

About TPMA

The TPMA (Trainer Performance Monitoring and Assessment) service is a framework for the objective assessment of a trainers’ delivery performance and associated signposting of developmental activity. Unlike most training certifications, TPMA Assessments are carried out in a live working environment giving learners the confidence that the benefits of the programme will have a direct impact on their current role. This ongoing assessment provides trainers and training organisations with a valuable, real-world quality benchmark by which performance can be measured and improved.


By becoming an AQAC, Overlap has the authority to conduct TPMA Assessments both internally and externally. The company will use a full set of KPI’s to control the monitoring, maintenance and development of its training team and teams located in external organisations. In addition, Overlap will be able to provide LPI authorised ‘train the trainer’ courses that utilise the TPMA framework.

AQAC status demonstrates Overlap’s commitment to the professional development of the training community across Iberia and Latin America, upskilling and empowering trainers and training departments with a globally-recognised certification of competence.

Following on from its recent accreditation as a learning provider, this new status cements Overlap’s position as a high-quality, trusted learning partner, offering a comprehensive and wide-ranging portfolio of industry-leading learning services to its customers.

Antonio Rubio, R&D Partner at Overlap, said: "With the partnership between Overlap and LPI - and specifically with the TPMA certification - we are incorporating the evolution necessary to face new learning paradigms on the horizon for L&D teams in Iberia and LATAM."


For queries regarding the TPMA service, as delivered by Overlap, the following can be contacted:

Susana Diaz

Avenida del Partenón 10, 2nd floor

28042 Madrid - Espana

[email protected]