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Thrive Learning Launches as LPI Accredited Learning Provider

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Newly established organisation Thrive Learning announces their launch along with LPI Learning Provider Accreditation.

Thrive Learning, a newly established learning technologies supplier, announces their launch and Learning and Performance Institute Learning Provider Accreditation today. Thrive seeks to build on their extensive expertise and successes by offering the industry unique, contemporary learning solutions which are focused on a modern, high-quality learner experience.

This is the first Learning Provider Accreditation issued by the LPI to a business which has just launched.

About Thrive

Thrive Learning was founded in 2017 by much of the senior leadership team from Mind Click (acquired 2016), bringing together over 40 years’ of industry experience. The team has brought together their creative minds and other industry experts to develop products which challenge the status quo in learning technologies and drive real change.

Headed up by Tony Reddington, whose experience spans over 17 years’ in the learning technologies industry including tenure at both Atlantic Link and Mind Click, the business already comprises of over 20 employees. According to Tony, it has been formed to challenge many of the approaches in learning technologies which just no longer work as the demand for digital transformation becomes a reality for many L&D departments.

Commenting on why he founded Thrive Learning, Tony states:

“We’ve got a team here with over 40 years’ of collective experience, spanning both learning technology organisations and client side. We’ve all put our collective, creative minds together to build a suite of products which enable and empower both L&D departments and end users. We want to encourage and ignite passion when it comes to both professional and personal development.

Over the years, we’ve seen learning being produced and delivered exactly the same way, over and over and over again. Ideas have evolved, but the fundamental approaches have not. We believe L&D is balancing on a forced precipice of change - and will be faced with a choice - evolve or die. Our revolutionary technology helps businesses evolve not only their ways of doing, but also their ways of thinking. This necessary change is as large as the industry has seen since elearning was introduced to replace face-to-face training. And to launch the business with a seal of approval from the LPI makes me so proud to be part of the change.”

Learner Focus

The business, which launches today, will offer several products and services to L&D departments including off-the-shelf microlearning, bespoke elearning and a Learning Experience Platform.

Danielle Hamilton, Chief Customer Officer, talks about their newly accredited products:

“We’re focusing on the audience of the content, the learner, and working hard to ensure that they have a positive and memorable experience when it comes to knowledge acquisition. It’s data-driven - and therefore always relevant and personalised to each user - exactly what they’ve come to expect everywhere outside of work. It’s time L&D kept up.”

The LPI offers a range of accreditation opportunities to organisations which can display integrity and high-performance capabilities in a range of areas including:

  • Delivery capability
  • Business integrity
  • Quality and performance management
  • People development

Ed Monk, CEO at the Learning and Performance Institute comments on the recent accreditation granted to Thrive:

“Thrive Learning has hit the ground running. With the benefit of decades of industry experience, and a strong leadership team in place, this is an organisation already committed to excellence in the provision of learning products and services. Achieving LPI Learning Provider accreditation is no mean feat - the benchmarks are set extremely high and organisations undergoing the accreditation must demonstrate outstanding levels of competence in a number of areas across the business. I am pleased to say that Thrive Learning impressed the accreditation mentor by clearly evidencing its ongoing commitment to high quality, both in its product portfolio development and in the personal development of its employees. Everything is in place for Thrive Learning to rapidly become a market-leading learning provider and LPI Accreditation reinforces this. As such, the LPI has no hesitation in recommending Thrive Learning as a learning provider.”

To find out more about Thrive Learning and their new LPI Accreditation - visit their website.