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LPI’S TPMA certification globally recognised by Microsoft for MCT programme

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As one of only nine certificates accepted globally by Microsoft, the Learning & Performance Institute's TPMA certificate can be used to satisfy the instructional skills part of the MCT qualification.

The Learning & Performance Institute (LPI) is delighted to announce that Microsoft will accept the TPMA Certificate - gained through a live assessment of a trainer's delivery skills - towards the Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) certification. Trainers who are gaining or renewing their MCT status can use the TPMA certificate to satisfy Microsoft's requirement to 'Demonstrate instructional skills'.

Global eligibility

The LPI's TPMA certificate is one of only nine certificates accepted globally by Microsoft. Microsoft trainers, anywhere in the world, who hold the TPMA certificate, can demonstrate that they have reached a level of instructional delivery that meets or exceeds the high standard demanded by the MCT programme.

The benefits of TPMA for Microsoft Certified Trainers and training organisations.

With classroom training remaining a high-investment activity, it is important to ensure that facilitators are delivering learning to a sufficiently high standard. The TPMA service ensures these high standards are met through a series of ongoing live assessments of a trainer’s performance against international benchmarks. Essentially, the TPMA service provides three key abilities for MCT facilitators:

1. The ability to benchmark Microsoft trainers to a de facto international standard
2. The ability to objectively outline improvement and developmental actions for each individual trainer
3. The ability to continually monitor the quality of trainers, their supporting materials and their delivery

Individual trainers and organisations offering Microsoft training programs can deploy the TPMA program throughout their delivery teams, thus ensuring that all Application trainers have reached a consistent level of quality and excellence. The TPMA certification differentiates an organisation as a provider of quality learning services and demonstrates they can meet the high standards required by the Microsoft MCT program.

What is unique about TPMA?

The TPMA service can be licensed. Organisations can conduct their own TPMA Assessments for every Microsoft trainer within the organisation. They can also offer their own train-the-trainer course (authorised by the LPI) and deliver the TPMA assessment as part of that course.

More about TPMA and how it can help Microsoft trainers and training organisations, is available from a member of the team at