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Inaugural Learn Appeal Award Presented To Appitierre At 2018 Learning Technologies Awards

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Learn Appeal, the e-learning industry charity, has announced the inaugural winner of the new Learn Appeal Award at the 2018 Learning Technologies gala event. Accepted on behalf of the winner, the e-learning content and tools provider, Appitierre, by co-founder Wes Atkinson, the introduction of this award was welcomed across the industry.


With over 4 billion people worldwide still disconnected from the Internet, access to learning remains a critical issue for over half the world’s population. Learn Appeal is one of the only organisations in the world which has developed a solution to tackle offline learning. Its revolutionary Learn Appeal Capsule is powered by a Raspberry Pi computer which acts as a standalone server and stores digital content on an SD card which can be accessed through any Wi-Fi responsive device.

With pilot programmes already live in under privileged areas in Kenya, Malawi, South Africa and the UK, the impact of the capsule is already bringing learning and resources to many disadvantaged people who do not have their own smart phones, tablets or PCs – or access to the Internet.

Appitierre has been fundamental in providing expert technical knowledge and innovation support since the inception of the capsule.

Jonathan Satchell, Founder of Learn Appeal, explained ‘Without the dedication, belief and expertise we have received from Appitierre, Learn Appeal would not be where it is today. Thanks to co-founders Wes Atkinson and Darryl Hedley and their team, the development of the capsule accelerated quickly and helped get our pilot projects up and running.’

He continued, ‘I couldn’t be more delighted to bestow the inaugural Learn Appeal Award to the whole team at Appitierre to recognise their ongoing involvement on a completely pro bono basis. We’re also grateful to the continuous support of Learning Technologies, particularly helping us to shine a spotlight on the charity’s work and our supporters on the industry’s biggest night of the year at the annual awards. On behalf of all of us at Learn Appeal – thank you.’

Mark Penton, director of Learning Technologies added, ‘In our position we are lucky to see the best of the best of what digital learning can deliver, particularly at the awards. It really can change lives. So, supporting Learn Appeal and helping bring access to learning to the disconnected is hugely important to us. Congratulations to all at Appitierre for their dedication to the cause and we look forward to continuing this worthwhile work together.’

The bespoke award was made especially for Appitierre, carved and decorated by a local artisan in Kisii from Kenyan soapstone. This is one of the areas already benefiting from Learn Appeal’s work so holds particular significance to the charity.

To discover more about how to support Learn Appeal and how the capsule works, visit the website or contact Lesley Price via [email protected]. For more information on Appitierre, visit the website today.