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Learn Appeal launches collaborative working Groups at Learning Technologies Summer Forum

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Learn Appeal, the education and learning technology charity is launching a new collaborative approach to bridging the digital divide across the UK, Africa and beyond, at this week’s Learning Technologies Summer Forum in London.

Last year’s successful #makeamodule initiative recruited industry-leading e-learning designers and developers to support the charity’s content development efforts. Now, new collaborative working groups are being launched to provide broader input into Learn Appeal and help accelerate its goals around the access and availability of learning to those most in need.

The collaboration will focus on four key areas:

  • Technical
  • Content
  • Marketing
  • Fundraising

Anyone with experience of, or an interest in these areas can now volunteer their time and input virtually, working with other inspirational and like-minded professionals to support Learn Appeal as the charity grows.

Lesley Price, Learn Appeal Senior Consultant explains, ‘L&D is moving more and more towards social and collaborative approaches in the workplace. We are keen to tap into modern learning practices of course, but we also recognise that it’s challenging for people to give up a lot of their time and energy for charity. The working groups will tap into specific skills and knowledge of professionals across the learning technology space, offering unique opportunities to network and learn from others with similar expertise – as well as doing their bit for a great cause.’

Volunteers will receive external recognition of their input and have the opportunity to help shape the Learn Appeal offering and reach across the world through their work. Thanks to very generous donations from our community we now have sufficient funding to proceed with our pilot projects and the first Learn Appeal Capsule is already being put through its paces in Nepal.  In partnership with The Brooke, we are helping local communities learn more about how to look after and care for their working horses, mules and donkeys which are vital to those that depend upon them.

To get involved or to find out more visit the Learn Appeal stand in the main reception area at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum on 13 June 2017, or visit the Learn Appeal website –

About the Learn Appeal Capsule

Originally developed by innovative start up Appitierre, the Learn Appeal capsule contains a Raspberry Pi 3, with a battery which will cope with 18 hours of constant use,  a WiFi router with a range of up to 300mtrs and the option to upgrade this to increase range to 1km and a capacity of between 150 – 200 concurrent users.

Although the unit can connect to the Internet, the content is stored locally. The capsule consumes very little power. It can be recharged via USB with any compatible power source. This makes it suitable for use in sub-Saharan Africa in areas where they rely on solar kiosks to provide electricity.  The Capsule is also ideal for charities and other organisations to provide learning resources in a safe environment.  As the unit is stand-alone it is totally secure and therefore eliminates e-safety concerns.

The software on the capsule is device responsive and can not only store a range of off-line internet content e.g. Kahn Academy Lite, books, videos but also elearning courses.  It has a fully functional Appitierre Bloom Learning Management System (LMS) so learners to be properly managed. The LMS it also has a community area. This additional functionality enables learners to generate their own content which is then stored on the capsule and can be shared with other learners who are connected to it.