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Learn Amp evolves into an all-in-one Employee Experience Platform

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Learn Amp builds on its award winning combined LXP and LMS offering by introducing its new, all-in-one Employee Experience Platform. Self-directed and directed Learning, Employee Engagement and Performance Development tools in one eco-system to make work life, work better. Driving higher Employee Lifetime Value (ELV) and business results.


Having twice topped the World’s Best LXP list and consistently being listed in the top 10 Global LMS’s lists, Learn Amp has taken its offering to new levels by adding a huge number of new features and upgrades in the last 12 months.

Combining the three areas of the employee journey that matter most to developing and retaining talent; Learning, Engagement and Performance Development. The platform demonstrates how each area impacts on the other, and unlike other fragmented solutions, provides an all in one suite of LMS, LXP, Employee Engagement and Performance Management tools.

Examples include:

  • Surveys and Polls
  • Competency-based scoring system
  • Self-record tools for video and audio content
  • Enhanced ILT & VILT management with waiting lists & pre-requisites
  • Automation of assignment and in-platform messaging tool
  • Auto-assigning Certificates
  • Enhanced learner profiles with searchable specialisms and biographies
  • All-new organisational hierarchy
  • Dynamic groups for cohort management based on behavioural and user properties
  • Many new integrations and upgrades to existing ones such as Zoom and Slack

The developments provide more tools than ever to increase end user engagement, improve administrative efficiencies and drive higher ROI. Advanced analytics unearth the needs of the organisation, highlighting performance improvements and inform personalised AI-driven recommendations for skills development and career progression.

-Your People Strategy is your Business Strategy-

Are your people happy, engaged, informed and aligned? Are they developing the skills they need? Are you seeing improved performance as a result?

Today’s workforce is more purpose driven than ever before. There is an inextricable link between retention rates and how passionate and engaged employees are in the mission and agenda of the business.

Learn Amp work with customers as partners, to co-design and deliver the ideal employee journey through improved employee experience at every key milestone that employees care about. The company believes that if you can attract the best talent, aid their development and align their purpose and goals with that of the business's they will be more deeply engaged. This helps to prolong their tenure and keeps them from the clutches of competitors. Your people - a true competitive advantage.

Duncan Cheatle, Learn Amp Founder and CEO said “We help to drive internal efficiencies around employee experience services and people management, decreasing new hires time to effectiveness, whilst increasing levels of performance and longer tenure. All crucial aspects in increasing Employee Lifetime Value.”

-The Learn Amp Ecosystem-

Another key factor in delivering the ultimate Employee Experience are the strategic partnerships that make up the Learn Amp ecosystem. They know what they do best and want to work with best in class partners who do the same.

Their content partners include AI driven Anders Pink, specialist business knowledge libraries Udemy for Business, Skillsoft, Micro-Learn, Mi-Crow and Skills Hub among others. With integrations for HR systems like People HR and Hi Bob, SSO with ADFS & Okta, Slack and Zoom to name a few, Learn Amp provides ‘Platform as a Service’.

-Customers and their Community-

Learn Amp has co-won awards with customers such as last year’s success at the Employee Experience Awards winning ‘Best use of Digital Technologies’.

Their customers are highly engaged and credit the support and consultative guidance they receive as a major reason for choosing and staying with them. This is supported by a 95% customer retention rate, ever increasing referral rates from customers and partners, and many success stories of meaningful and significant business impacts.

Sharing these successes from customer to customer has provided huge benefits and insights to their community. So aligned with a passionate mission to help all companies ‘make work life, work better’ Learn Amp is excited to be launching its ‘Work Better Community’ this year where customers and passionate professionals can learn directly from each other. Hosting a wide range of specialist events and an online community to inspire and inform on all aspects of delivering the best possible employee experience.

Find Learn Amp at the Learning Technologies Exhibition in London’s Excel Centre on February 12th and 13th to find out more about their next generation Employee Experience Platform and ‘Work Better Community’.