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L&D freelancers gain a new global support network

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“L&D Free Spirits” provides freelancers across the Learning and Development industry with resources, networking opportunities and support.


Launching on Sunday, 1st September 2024, L&D Free Spirits is a global network for freelancers and self-employed professionals across the Learning and Development (L&D) industry.

Independent Training Consultant Kim Ellis founded the community-based network and created it to empower members and channel networking, collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Kim Ellis, CEO said:

"When I started my freelancing career, I didn't have direction. I had no idea how to create a portfolio, build my brand or find work I didn't realise how important growing a professional network would be. This is why L&D Free Spirits exists an inclusive community that supports continuous professional growth and promotes entrepreneurial spirit. I'm extremely passionate about ensuring everyone has the support they need to thrive!"

L&D Free Spirits offers members advice to support business growth and opportunities for shared learning and networking.

Kim added:

"Free Spirits helps members succeed, whatever stage of their freelancing career. From Corporate Trainers, Educators and Instructional Designers to e-Learning Developers, Practitioners and Teachers transitioning to L&D, I want to inspire freedom, flexibility and fulfilment in every aspect of their professional journeys."

Members who subscribe are provided with curated learning resources, development tools and networking opportunities plus regular and supportive e-communications. They also have access to a Booster package a three-month paid programme with three modules to boost their professional network, brand and portfolio.

Corporate membership is also available to organisations that recognise the importance of continuous training and professional development to enhance the value chain of L&D services.

Benefits include brand exposure and opportunities to drive thought leadership, community support and product promotion. Free Spirits aims to connect these businesses with L&D freelance talent to enhance their educational programmes, drive employee engagement and maintain a competitive edge through learning initiatives.

L&D Free Spirits is operating a waitlist for individuals to register their interest ahead of the September launch. Subscribers receive updates and early access invitations via email. A 90-day pilot for the Booster Programme started in June. The network's rollout initially focuses on the UK with a second phase planned to target the US.

Contact Kim Ellis in the first instance to discuss corporate membership.

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