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Kineo prioritises Environmental, Social and Governance training with global launch of ESG course suite

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After the successful unveiling of its ESG off-the-shelf courses to early adopters in November 2023, Kineo announces the global launch of its full ESG training suite.


This comprehensive suite of courses aims to elevate corporate understanding of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) responsibilities and drive genuine impact across industries worldwide.

As businesses around the globe face increasing pressure to reduce their environmental footprint and uphold social responsibility, Kineo has collaborated with subject matter experts from City & Guilds and Green & Good to create state-of-the-art courses tailored to meet the urgent and evolving needs of modern businesses.

The suite of courses, which Kineo will be showcasing at Learning Technologies next month, is designed to help companies navigate the complex landscape of ESG responsibilities. The Kineo ESG Training Suite empowers organisations to meet regulatory, compliance, and legal requirements while actively engaging and inspiring their employees to create positive change.

Jo Goddard, Founder and CEO at Green & Good, and one of the ESG training suite subject matter experts, emphasised the importance of ESG training, stating,

“Understanding ESG is fundamental to business success. Training employees in this area is even more important as ESG programmes are no longer siloed into one department, but rather, integrated throughout the business.”

Kirstie Donnelly, CEO at City & Guilds, echoed this sentiment, stating,

“At City & Guilds, we are committed to net zero by 2040 and our ambition is to reduce our carbon emissions by at least 50% before 2030. We are passionate about supporting other businesses to achieve their targets via our industry-leading training solutions, contributing to a global vision of excellence in employer customer service. It’s time to transcend greenwashing and empower companies to develop a highly skilled workforce to meet the demands of a more sustainable world. Kineo’s ESG training suite does just that.”

With more than 60% of companies admitting they are ill-prepared to meet sustainability reporting commitments , Kineo's initiative aims to bridge this gap by offering dynamic, practical learning solutions. These courses integrate ESG principles into business operations and culture, empowering employers and employees alike to fulfill their responsibilities confidently.

Tailored for a diverse audience ranging from entry-level employees to senior leaders, policymakers, and middle management, Kineo's suite of courses addresses critical aspects of sustainability and ethical governance. By fostering a deeper understanding of ESG topics and providing practical insights for informed decision-making, these courses enable organisations to navigate the complexities of sustainable business practices effectively, fostering a genuine impact on their community and the environment.

The positive feedback from global early adopters underscores the quality and effectiveness of Kineo’s ESG training courses. Feedback from TCP Training, one of Kineo’s early adopters, states:

“The ESG content is vibrant and informative, offering the right amount of information in a user-friendly format that's easy to use and understand.”

Kineo’s commitment to ESG aligns with the evolving expectations of stakeholders and investors, a strengthening of their core values and a promise to advance the operational excellence of all participating organisations.

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