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Kineo unveils cutting-edge off-the-shelf ESG training suite in soft launch

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At the HR + L&D Innovation and Tech Fest in Sydney, 15-16 November 2023, Kineo proudly initiates the soft launch of its groundbreaking Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) training suite.

Kineo unveils cutting-edge off-the-shelf ESG training suite in soft launch
Kineo unveils cutting-edge off-the-shelf ESG training suite in soft launch 

The inaugural set of courses, developed in collaboration with subject matter experts City & Guilds and Good & Green, is designed to meet the urgent and evolving needs of modern businesses. This marks the beginning of Kineo's commitment to providing dynamic, practical learning solutions for seamlessly integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles into business operations and culture.

Vicky Bartolacci, Executive Director, Global commented,

"As workplaces evolve, the imperative for a deeper understanding of ESG principles becomes evident. Our goal is to equip businesses with robust tools to integrate these principles effectively."

Why ESG training?

In today's business landscape, where sustainability and social accountability are paramount, the launch of Kineo's ESG Training Suite signifies a momentous stride. Developed in collaboration with the expertise of City & Guilds and Green & Good, this educational collection addresses a crucial demand in the market. The suite presents a robust programme crafted to empower businesses to adopt practices that are not only sustainable but also ethically sound. It is meticulously designed to furnish businesses with essential competencies and insights necessary to instigate positive change in vital domains such as environmental stewardship, social equity, and principled leadership. 

A comprehensive ESG learning solution

Continuing Kineo’s tradition of driving behavioural change through impactful learning experiences, the ESG courses blend world-class technology with advanced learning principles. These courses ensure that relevant knowledge is not just transferred but actively applied in the workplace.

This ESG suite offers courses suitable for both foundational and advanced levels.

1) Foundation Courses: Tailored for the wider workforce, these courses offer a holistic view of ESG topics and highlight tangible strategies for individuals to support environmental initiatives. Six ESG Foundation courses are released today, with eight more to be added from now until 1 March 2024 when the full Foundation course library is introduced.

2) Advanced Courses: Set to release in 2024, these in-depth courses are designed for senior leaders, policymakers, and middle management, addressing the intricacies of ESG to prepare leaders for informed decision-making.

Daniel Potter, Global Head of Product, Kineo Courses, shared at the HR + L&D Innovation and Tech Fest in Sydney:

“To build tangible momentum, your people should be able to relate to and understand the issues at hand. Organisations who are looking to support a journey towards ESG best practice will find Kineo’s Foundation Courses to be the perfect complement to embracing a ground up culture shift. In today's soft launch, we extend an invitation to explore our ESG training suite available now for both trial and implementation.”

Globally relevant and regionally agile

Responding to the global urgency for responsible business practices, Kineo's ESG suite is versatile and adaptive, ready to address specific regional and market needs as they evolve. 

Early Adopter Programme

Kineo invites organisations to join its Early Adopter Programme and enjoy exclusive benefits, including big discounts on courses in the first few months of release. For more information and to join the Early Adopter Program, visit their dedicated ESG site.


Kineo's introduction of the ESG training suite is a pivotal step in helping businesses address crucial elements of sustainability and ethical governance. This move aligns with the evolving expectations of stakeholders and investors, strengthening the core values and operational excellence of participating organisations.


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