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Kineo Listed as Top Content Provider to Help You Prove ROI

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Kineo recognise how important it is for L&D teams to be able to track and measure the value of their learning initiatives.


As Fosway found in their 2021 Digital Learning Realities research, 1 in 2 L&D leaders are under more pressure to demonstrate the impact of their learning initiatives. So with this pressure mounting, the team at eLearning Industry have gathered together their list of the Top Content Providers to Help You Prove Training ROI.

Kineo are proud to have been featured on this list, with their data-driven design approach cited as a key differentiator.

Here's what eLearning Industry had to say about Kineo:

“Kineo takes an "always on" approach to data and measurement. With a focus on the learning outcomes you want to achieve right from the start, they've helped hundreds of enterprise-scale clients to develop a robust and data-driven learning strategy.”

It's become increasingly important for L&D teams to be able to track and measure the value of their learning initiatives. Kineo employ a well-rounded approach to learning analytics to help them do just that:

  • Create a data framework - Helping you define key data points across performance, user experience and customer experience, to create a foundation for mining insight and developing action plans.
  • Data-driven insights - Data sits at the heart of Kineo's learning solutions, helping you to demonstrate learning impact and make smarter design decisions, using data to inform instructional design decisions and improvements.

They bring all of this together through Kineo Analytics, an integrated part of Kineo’s service offering which provides a robust infrastructure, built ready to collect, visualise and analyse data to help you accelerate your data strategy.

If you’d like to know more about Kineo'sapproach to data, take a look at their guide – Drowning in Data.