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Kineo place 2nd in list of Top Content Providers for Competency-Based Training

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Kineo have been named on eLearning Industry's list of the best Content Providers for Competency-Based Training, taking the number two spot.


Do you have a competency-based training programme in place to increase your employee performance? These trainings are vitally important to L&D strategy because they focus on both the skills and knowledge that your employees need to improve in the workplace. But how do they work?

Competency-based trainings focus on the specific tasks an employee performs in a workplace setting, instead of simply testing knowledge of a particular area. These competencies usually include a group of skills and attitudes in addition to relevant job role knowledge. Above all, learners have to demonstrate their proficiency in specific competencies.

These performance metrics are typically based on a designated set of standards and Kineo takes pride in our ability to create bespoke digital learning content that meets these standards as well as the business needs of our clients. Our work speaks for itself, but we're very proud to be recognised as a top provider of competency based trainings by eLearning Industry this year!

Kineo ranks in at the number two spot in a list of 12 competency training providers. This list factors in the use of both instructor-led training sessions and computer-based training as well as client reviews.

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