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Kineo named as one of the Best Elearning Content Providers For Microlearning

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Microlearning is training delivered in bitesize chunks, ideal for learning on the go or for specific short pieces of content. Kineo know it well and were thrilled to be recognised in eLearning Industry's 2021 list.


Microlearning is all about keeping it short, creating bitesize chunks of content on specific topics, ideal for performance support, or timely reminders, just when they are needed. You can also knit these micro topics together to form longer training programmes or for deliberately paced delivery, releasing new content in an episodic way over time. Some tasks at work aren’t frequently used on the job, all the employee is after is a 5-minute “how to" – and then they’ll likely be self-sufficient to continue on their own.

We're thrilled to be recognised by eLearning Industry in their 2021 list of Top Content Providers for Microlearning. They highlighted our work with Energy Institute as a great example of microlearning in action, where we deployed a video-based microlearning approach to reach a global audience.

Small-footprint microlearning content can also prove to be highly cost-effective, when compared to producing and maintaining courses built for full-blown online training programmes. Our learning designers can help you make the most of your existing content, so, rather than piecing together content yourself, work with experts in the field and your subject matter experts to create microlearning content suited perfectly to your organisation and objectives.

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