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Kineo at EMEA Totara User Conference

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Kineo to provide workshop on Social Learning for Serious Results at EMEA Totara User Conference.

Totara will be hosting their first EMEA User Conference on 15-16th May 2019 in London.

The format will be a one-day main conference followed by partner-run sessions on day two, including a session by Kineo on social learning for serious results. We all know how critical it is to be able to show the value of our investment in learning. But is it always possible to measure, and would we even want to? When it comes to social learning – and the idea that we learn best collaboratively and by sharing – there are so many ways that organisations and individuals can benefit. In this session, Kineo explore the impact that social tools have on learning, how we can give control of learning back to employees, and whether the key to understanding its value lies in design.

This event, hosted by Totara, will bring together Totara users from a wide variety of industry sectors to collaborate and to learn from each other's experiences. All Totara users and Kineo customers are encouraged to attend.