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Jam Pan Learning Marketplace attracts diverse digital creatives

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Jam Pan, a new learning marketplace launched in late 2014, has announced that over 200 digital creative production agencies have signed up to bid for learning and workplace performance projects.

In just a few months since its launch Jam Pan learning marketplace has attracted a host of exciting, creatively-led suppliers and agencies. In total over 200 digital creative suppliers have joined the Jam Pan Learning Marketplace.

Interactive movie makers, elearning companies, games developers, animators and storytellers, augmented reality developers (including Oculus Rift specialists), app developers, social media companies and content authors, video production companies, IT performance specialists, 3D interactive specialists and many more, have signed up to the marketplace.

“Jam Pan’s marketplace brings the latest market thinking, business expertise and creative production capability to the elearning table,” points out David Wood.

Clients post learning and performance needs via the Jam Pan website and its marketplace of suppliers, from across the digital creative and elearning sector, propose solutions, budgets, porfolios and previous track record.

“Clients get to see some really innovative options and are able to solve performance needs with fresh, creative ideas. It is exciting to see such a variety of digital expertise, from differing backgrounds, coming together in one marketplace. Having direct access to the wider creative industries is exactly what L&D and the elearning sector needs,” explains David Wood.

Dr. Mark Forrest, an education provider within the healthcare sector, is one of Jam Pan’s early adopters and is enthusiastic about its potential:

“Not only did Jam Pan take the work out of researching potential suppliers but it quickly and effectively provided me with a range of relevant solutions and suppliers to select from. In less than ten days, we posted our project, received six bids and selected a supplier. Jam Pan saved me an incredible amount of time and provided us with a solution that we could never have found on our own.”

Recent solutions resourced through Jam Pan include an animated storyteller producing compliance training and a games developer producing a game for sales teams.

Projects currently open and awaiting shortlisting on Jam Pan include:

  • £5,000 Video/Animation Explainer
  • £25,000 - £30,000 Developer Project
  • £10,000 Equality & Diversity
  • £10,000 Enviromental Sustainability
  • £10,000 Healthy Living
  • £10,000 Managing Personal Finance.  

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