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Jam Pan’s new elearning marketplace model

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The elearning and digital creative sectors are to get a new marketplace and a new model for fulfilling learning projects.

Recently launched, Jam Pan connects L&D buyers with top digital creatives. Offering stunning performance-focused elearning, Jam Pan uses the successful marketplace metaphor widely used in other sectors to source creative solutions.

“We didn’t establish Jam Pan just to improve the creativity of elearning, we wanted a marketplace that truly reflects the process you go through before defining a learning need. If you’ve convinced yourself upfront that you have a learning need and pass this to a learning company, they will create learning material and you may well miss the opportunity to provide a performance solution,” points out Jam Pan founder, David Wood. “How can an individual keep up to date with all the potential digital solutions available? Of course they can’t, so Jam Pan takes this problem away and starts by challenging L&D to clearly define the performance need of the business before deciding it can only be met by a so-called learning project.”

“We looked at other online marketplaces that have successfully connected buyers in other sectors with new skills, such as in marketing services, web design, application development and IT services. These sectors each have fast-growing marketplaces that are radically changing how businesses source critical services.”

“Elearning’s current marketplace is limited: it focuses on elearning’s existing talent pool. Jam Pan recognised how the marketplace needed expanding to bring in a more diverse range of skills and greater innovation, to the solutions being created,” adds David Wood. “We looked at the hugely successful sites in other sectors, like oDesk and Freelancer, to learn how to connect L&D with the digital creative sector.”

Jam Pan is simple to use for both clients sourcing elearning solutions and for suppliers pitching for the work:

  • Stage 1 - Describe the Need
    Set your brief, budget and timescales. We clarify and release to the Jam Pan Marketplace
  • Stage 2 - Marketplace Responds
    Suppliers share their pitch, portfolio and track record
  • Stage 3 - Choose Your Solution
    With our support you select the winning supplier
  • Stage 4 - Build Your Solution
    Work with the winning supplier to bring it to life

Jam Pan is free for clients to post their projects and charges a 10% fee to the client once the supplier is selected. Jam Pan is free for suppliers to register, review posted projects and submit proposals. There are no additional, hidden fees or commissions to pay.

The principles at the core of Jam Pan’s model are to create a marketplace:

  • to merge L&D with the digital creative sector
  • that contains a much wider set of potential solutions than was previously available and open up more digital creative solutions to L&D buyers
  • that reflects the process of defining a learning and performance need
  • that informs buyers of the wider digital creative solutions available
  • that is impartial, open and not paid for by any suppliers
  • that buyers have confidence and trust in

Mike Leavy, Head of Learning Technology, Virgin Media and an evangelist for digital creative talents in elearning: “Jam Pan gives buyers complete control over who they partner with, and the budget and the timescales they want to work to. It does all of this while pushing boundaries and redefining what 'Electronic Learning' really means in our visual, social and connected world.”

Projects currently open and awaiting shortlisting on Jam Pan include a £10,000 Social Media Staff Awareness, a £20,000 Customer Experience and a £6,500 NHS Social Media Awareness. Registration is required to view the projects.