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iSpring announces new tiered pricing model for iSpring Learn

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Alexandria, VA., February 7, 2023. — iSpring Solutions Inc., a global leader in eLearning software and services, introduced a new tiered pricing model for its world-renowned training platform, iSpring Learn LMS. This update is designed to better adapt to users’ requirements and provide them with the toolset that meets their current needs.

iSpring Learn is a straightforward LMS with an extremely intuitive, attractive interface, but powerful functionality. It provides all the elements that make up a complete training cycle, from developing training content to automating its delivery, collecting reports, and evaluating results, and furnishes some innovative features that turn it into much more than just a training platform. 

Starting February 1, iSpring will offer two new types of subscriptions to iSpring Learn:

Business — designed for companies that would like to launch online training quickly and hassle-free. This is a perfect solution for those who need bare LMS functionality, with no bells and whistles. For example, it’ll be extremely helpful for a small training center that provides educational programs to its customers or a company planning to run a one-off training project. 

This subscription plan has everything that organizations might need to train people effectively, including smart user and content management, advanced reporting and analytics, mobile apps for learning on the go, and the iSpring Suite course authoring toolkit. 

Enterprise — introduced for corporations looking for an all-in-one platform in order to engage, train, and assess their teams. This is the best fit for companies that would like to implement quality corporate training and develop their employees on a continuous basis. This subscription plan allows them to adopt an integrated approach to training: identify the growth areas of each employee, engage them in training, develop their skills, and monitor their performance.

The Enterprise subscription provides all the features of the Business plan, plus a unique set of capabilities, such as a 360-Degree Performance appraisal module, an interactive organizational chart, a corporate newsfeed, custom roles and permissions, the pro version of the iSpring Suite course authoring toolkit, and an API for custom integrations.

You can get a detailed comparison of the new plans and prices on iSpring’s pricing page.

“We have reformulated our pricing model to provide greater flexibility for our users and make pricing fairer for everyone,” says Michael Keller, L&D Manager at iSpring. “We want to make sure our customers have choices that allow the platform to maximize efficiency for their particular use case. With these plans, small companies that are just starting with corporate training can implement online learning affordably, while larger organizations that want a more advanced solution can take their training to the next level.”