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How to avoid common mistakes and improve elearning courses

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iSpring continues its series of e-course crash test webinars.


Struggling with creating an online course? iSpring totally understands. There's too much to keep in mind: how to make the structure clear, what makes slides visually appealing, how concise texts should be, and much more. Everyone agrees that learning from concrete examples is the most effective. That's why iSpring is continuing its series of e-course crash tests.

In previous sessions, iSpring expert Anna Poli has reviewed a range of the webinar participants' courses and upgraded them in real time. This time, we'll meet to revise the best cases and learn a lot more about instructional design.

The webinar takes place on Thursday March 23 at 9:00 am GMT, duration one hour, and is free to attend. 

Whether you're an experienced ID or just about to start, after this webinar you will:

  • Plan out course content more efficiently
  • Ensure effective messaging to learners
  • Upgrade your design skills
  • Speed up course development

We'll dedicate an hour of the webinar to breaking down the best crash tests, and in the last 30 minutes, we'll give you what you've been waiting for: Anna Poli will explain in detail how to apply some of the tricks that she used to make the courses more interactive. Save your seat in advance.

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About the presenter

Anna Poli is an iSpring Genius who is great at instructional design and can do wonders with your courses. She never misses the whole picture while staying a detailed-oriented practitioner. Anna loves explaining complex things in simple words and sharing expert tips and tricks with users of any skill level.