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Webinar with eLearning pioneer James Kieft

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Lockdowns during the latest pandemic helped educators from all over the world to see the benefits of digital learning. Even now, with the return to classic face-to-face teaching approaches, we can benefit from modern technologies. And our students can enjoy them fully as well.

Join James Kieft with iSpring Solutions, 8 Sep
Join James Kieft with iSpring Solutions, 8 Sep 

Despite the sadness and loss linked to the pandemic, there have been positives to arise from it and one of those is the huge strides that have been taken in the use of education technology.

iSpring is running a free webinar with the eLearning pioneer, James Kieft, an educator with over 20 years teaching experience, to discuss and discover a new future in teaching through technology.

The enforced use of it during lockdowns helped educators for all sectors to see the benefits, now with the return to face-to-face teaching how do we maintain the momentum and ensure the use of technology continues to grow and evolve. In this webinar, we will look to explore some of the factors linked to this.

James Kieft has a wealth of teaching experience with over 20 years teaching across Further and Higher education. He is passionate about teaching and learning and how technology can be used to enhance it, for over 5 years he has run a successful edtech blog and Youtube channel. In 2014 he was joint individual runner-up for the ALT learning technologist of the year for his work with Google sites, Google+ and other web apps and sites which he promoted through his blog. In 2018 and 2022 he has included in #Edtech50 a list that celebrates the work of the education technology sector in the UK, and shines a spotlight on those pioneering a new future in education through technology.

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