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Webinar: How Instructional Designers Can Work With Clients More Effectively

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How often do you have to redo your work when you create eLearning courses for your clients?


iSpring will hold a webinar with instructional designer Anna Poli, who will share her recipe for effective communication with clients. This webinar will be helpful if you're an experienced instructional designer or just planning to enter this trendy profession.

Anna will explain how to avoid multiple revisions to your work and ways to negotiate with clients successfully.

Anna is an instructional designer who does wonders with courses. She’s passionate about instructional design and is always happy to share her expert tips and tricks.

In this webinar people will learn how to:

  • Avoid mistakes when communicating with clients
  • Avoid constant changes to your work
  • Make work with clients more effective

How to Avoid Mistakes When Working with "Difficult" Clients?
October 27, Thursday 5:00 pm GMT+1 

Registration is available via the iSpring website: Save your spot.