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iSpring Solutions Inc. launches CamPro 11

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Alexandria, VA, November 19, 2022 — iSpring Solutions Inc., a global leader in the eLearning software and services sector, launched iSpring CamPro 11.

This utility easily captures a webcam video or adds a voice-over recording for screencasts and online lectures. Upon completion, results can be uploaded to an LMS or YouTube.

Additional key features of iSpring CamPro 11:

Robust screencast recorder. Users can record screencasts with voice-overs and annotations. The tool enables spotlight mouse actions to draw attention to the screen, record keystrokes, and add visual hints.

Picture-in-picture screencasts. Creators can add a personal touch to software tutorials by complementing a screencast with a presenter video.

Text to speech. Authors can create voice-overs without a VO artist simply converting text to natural-sounding speech.

Interactive canvas. Users can put videos, images, and annotations right onto the canvas creating professional videos in no time.

Intro slides and annotations. Add images, infographics, and captions to increase knowledge retention.

Smooth scene transitions. Modern transition effects to create polished videos without abrupt cuts.

Once a screencast is recorded, you can fine-tune it with a built-in video editor: remove noise and unnecessary fragments, add media objects and annotations, apply transition effects, merge videos, and change pace.

About iSpring Solutions
iSpring Solutions is a global leader in creating award-winning eLearning software.

For over 20 years, the company has developed more than ten stand-alone eLearning tools, including iSpring QuizMaker, iSpring Converter Pro, and iSpring Cam Pro. These tools are highly anticipated among eLearning professionals both separately and together — in iSpring Suite, an all-in-one authoring toolkit.

iSpring is recognized for its beautifully engineered products and exceptional customer service. Over 59,000 customers in more than 170 countries choose iSpring for its high level of performance and reliability. The customer list includes thousands of freelance Instructional Designers and teachers, almost 200 Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and educational institutions worldwide, some clients being Microsoft, SAP, Boeing, Dell, Adidas, Procter & Gamble, University of California at Berkeley, Harvard University, and Stanford University. For more information, visit the official website.