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Live Session: How to create a micro course with iSpring

Alexandria | VA | USALearning NewsiSpring Solutions

iSpring Solutions will host a live webinar on how to get started with microlearning.


At the webinar, an iSpring specialist will explain what microlearning is, what the main techniques for creating microlearning courses are, and how to prepare content for a course. The attendees will also be provided with basic step-by-step instructions on how to build a micro course using iSpring Suite, an easy-to-use authoring tool. By the end of the webinar, the attendees will be able to create a basic micro course on their own.

The event is oriented at eLearning developers and designers, especially those who’d like to try creating short, easy-to-digest interactive courses that engage learners.

The webinar will be hosted on Thursday, May 30th at 12 pm Eastern Time and is free to attend. Registration instructions are available on the event webpage: How to create a micro course with iSpring