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iSpring Suite Boosted to Create e-Books from PDF, Word, and PowerPoint

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iSpring Solutions, a leading vendor of eLearning authoring tools, introduces a new significant boost to its award-winning authoring toolkit, iSpring Suite.


The new option, called Books, allows companies to quickly turn office documents (PDF, Word, and PowerPoint) into eLearning courses which are easy to deliver online via an LMS or a corporate portal to train employees, customers, and partners.

This new iSpring tool is the fastest way to translate a company’s official instructions, regulations, manuals, guides, and textbooks into online format. Most of these documents already exist as part of an offline knowledge base, and now it’s just a matter of several clicks to move these assets online.

You can take any document in .PDF, .DOCX, or .PPTX format, and in minutes, iSpring Suite converts it into a professional-looking, polished e-book with a realistic pageflip effect. HTML5 e-books adapt to any screen size, so learners can comfortably read it on their device of choice: a desktop, a tablet, or a smartphone.

Authors can publish e-books as SCORM (1.2 and 2004), AICC, Tin Can API, or cmi5 packages and then track readers’ progress in an LMS.

Books are perfect for in-house authoring: Microsoft Word and PowerPoint are programs most organizations definitely have and the employees are well familiar with. iSpring leverages authors’ existing experience, and allows them to easily create online training materials and rapidly update them whenever it’s necessary.

With this new e-book option, iSpring Suite has cemented its reputation as the one-stop-shop for eLearning content creators, as it eliminates the need to use several authoring tools to build effective and versatile training programs.

“For each of their projects, eLearning authors select the most appropriate training formats from a variety of options. For one topic, it’s better to use a drag-and-drop activity, while for another, an e-book makes the best choice, and for yet another task, it makes sense to create a screencast. To build relevant and engaging content and avoid a cookie-cutter approach to eLearning, instructional designers have traditionally had to use multiple authoring tools. However, switching between tools cuts down on productivity. With iSpring Suite, designers get everything they need for eLearning authoring in one place,” says Slava Uskov, VP of Product Development at iSpring. “Today, we’ve added this powerful new option to rapidly create e-books, which nicely dovetails with iSpring’s robust authoring environment.”

Pricing and Availability

iSpring Suite 9.7 is available for download at the iSpring Solutions website. The price of iSpring Suite Full Service is $970. The subscription plan includes regular free updates and access to the iSpring Content Library (55,000+ eLearning assets), Premium Technical Support, and iSpring Cloud collaboration service. Existing customers can upgrade with a discount.

iSpring offers its products at special prices for academic institutions, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies and employees. Detailed pricing can be found at the iSpring website.