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How to overcome writer's block and create unique training scripts

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iSpring Solutions and Curios Lion’s Andrew Barry will co-host a webinar on how to create unique and compelling training scenarios. This session will be a must-watch for eLearning developers and instructional designers who create content on various topics and sometimes struggle to create something new and unique.


During the session, the expert will explain how to find a new way to craft a compelling course scenario that both addresses the learning objectives and keeps learners’ attention.

The webinar will cover the following topics:

  • How to develop a methodical system for creating unique narrative-based training every time you have a new topic to teach
  • How to leverage the Seven Basic Plots to challenge yourself into creativity
  • What’s the script formula that affords you the room to be unique
  • How to beat any writer’s block with two key building blocks
  • What’s a good structure for creating beautiful learning experiences

The session will be presented by Andrew Barry, the CEO of Curious Lion. He is a qualified CPA, and previously worked at KPMG for 12 years. During that time, he rolled out national training for over 4,000 audit professionals a year. At Curious Lion, Andrew and his team create custom video-based learning solutions for clients across industries.

The webinar will be hosted on Thursday, June 20th at 12 pm Eastern Time and is free to attend. Registration instructions are available on the event webpage: How to overcome writer's block and create unique training scripts