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How to manage video for eLearning: New approaches and workflows

Alexandria | VA | USALearning NewsiSpring Solutions

iSpring Solutions and Josh Cavalier are planning to co-host a webinar about how to incorporate video into a company's learning strategy. The key topics will be implementing video-based learning and creating a video action plan for a training organization.


The webinar will be presented by Josh Cavalier, the CEO and founder of Lodestone, who has over 23 years of experience in eLearning, and specializes in education media production, rapid eLearning tool implementation, and microvideo creation.

Video has been showing explosive growth as a delivery medium for knowledge transfer. Organizations are incorporating video-based learning into their daily workflow, and establishing methods for delivery and tracking of video assets in their learning ecosystem. A video action plan establishes student touchpoints for video, channels for delivery, and view analytics to be collected.

During the webinar, the presenter will speak about how to establish a video action plan for learning, touchpoints of a video action plan. how to audit video delivery channels, actionable video analytics, and the benefits of video content management systems. The event is primarily oriented at eLearning developers, designers, and managers, and will provide the audience with knowledge of the requirements for video content creation and maintenance.

Technology discussed in this session: Video recording, video content management systems, metadata.

The webinar will be held on Thursday, March 21st at 12 pm Eastern Time and is free to attend. Registration instructions are available on the event webpage: How to manage video for eLearning.