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iAM Learning: Bringing Fun to Workplace Learning

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iAM Learning is bringing the fun to workplace learning with over 300 bite-size engaging animated eLearning courses, all delivered through captivating storytelling and is taking part in the upcoming Learning Live event, London, 13-14 September.


iAM knows what it’s like when you’re faced with long, drawn-out and quite frankly boring eLearning that makes you want to snooze… But there’s no such problem with iAM Learning.

Its extensive (and growing) learning library is packed with courses that transform pressing topics into engaging courses that learners actually want to take. Each course takes only 2 to 15 minutes to complete, to rapidly upskill employees in minutes, not hours.

iAM believes that learning should be fun. By adding a storytelling element, along with a little interactivity and a sprinkle of iAM magic, learners will be more engaged and far more likely to retain information and convert that into practical change. Even the most complex, serious topics are explained in a way that’s easy to understand, entertaining and quite simply, fun.

Here’s just some of the stuff iAM has tackled lately…

Belonging, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (BEDI)

Using a range of superhero characters and some ingenious staging, our collection of BEDI courses is designed to help foster an inclusive spirit in a workforce. Courses include Anti-Bullying, Unconscious Bias, Microagressions, Anti-Racism, Allyship, Recognising Privilege and other important things that all employees need to know.

Psychological Safety

Drawing on ancient myths and legends, this visually stunning collection of short courses focuses on creating a psychologically safe space in every workplace. Courses include Learning from Mistakes, The Dangers of Echo Chambers, How to Ask for Help, Addressing a Blame Culture and more. 

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

What could be more important? Without looking after our planet, none of the other stuff truly matters. This beautiful and engaging collection explains why modern companies need to step up their ESG game and supports them in doing so. Titles include: Energy Efficiency, Corporate Social Responsibility, Waste Management Green Technology & Carbon Zero.


iAM sensitively produced, SME-vetted safeguarding courses utilise a ‘pure’ line-drawing style to compliment this hard-hitting content. This collection raises awareness and helps people take action on tough subjects to keep vulnerable children and adults safe. There are courses on tough subjects like Neglect, Identifying Patterns of Grooming, FGM and more.

But that’s not all

iAM's ever-expanding learning library is chock full of courses on important topics, including Compliance, Cyber Security, Health & Safety, Well-Being, Leadership, Sales & Marketing, and loads more. Plus, all of its courses are CPD accredited and IOSH approved.

iAM Learning is taking part at Learning Live, London 13, 14 September, stand 39.