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Guy McEvoy, Founder and CEO of GuyKat, Continues as Midlands Export Champion for Third Consecutive Year

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Guy McEvoy continues his role as Midlands Export Champion for 2024, marking his third consecutive year. His leadership in promoting international trade, alongside 400 other influential business leaders, supports the Department for Business and Trade's efforts. GuyKat, known for eLearning services, generates over 70% of its revenue internationally.


Guy McEvoy, Founder and CEO of GuyKat, has been made Midlands Export Champion for 2024. 

Guy's dedication to fostering international trade has once again been recognised as he retains his position as Midlands Export Champion. This marks his third consecutive year as a prominent figure within the Midlands Export Champion Community.

The Midlands Export Champion Community, comprising over 400 influential business leaders, is a vital pillar in supporting the Department for Business and Trade (DBT). This programme encourages international trade within UK businesses, inspiring and guiding them towards global expansion. The community also aims to achieve the Secretary of State’s ambition of delivering £1 trillion in exports by 2030. 

At the forefront of this initiative stands GuyKat, a multi-award-winning eLearning agency with its EMEA headquarters in Birmingham, UK, and American headquarters in Tampa, US. With over 15 years of experience in the field of learning technology, GuyKat specialises in helping companies share knowledge at scale through platform configuration and content creation services. Over 70% of their revenue stems from international markets, with their training programs reaching over 50 countries across five continents. Notably, their outstanding contributions were recognised with the prestigious Queen's Award for Enterprise: International Trade in 2021.

In the upcoming year, GuyKat is poised to play an active role in various DBT events, aiming to champion the benefits of international trade and extend support to fellow UK businesses embarking on their growth journey.