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GuyKat Announces UK Launch of Microlearning White Paper

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GuyKat will launch the UK version of its White Paper on ‘The Inevitable Rise of Microlearning in the Workplace’ at the Learning Technologies expo at Olympia, London Jan 31- Feb 1.

GuyKat officially will launch the UK version of ‘The Inevitable Rise of Microlearning in the Workplace’ white paper on January 31st. This is a fully updated and localised 'British-English 'version of the book that was first released in international form in the US in September.

The new version includes insights into the importance of microlearning, the business risks and benefits it may pose and the steps organisations should take to implement a successful microlearning strategy. 

GuyKat's MD, Guy McEvoy, said; "We believe that microlearning, or bitesize learning, will become an more significant part of the workplace learning mix. Technology innovations allow organisations and their employees to share knowledge in more targeted and efficient manners than ever before."

"As the ‘youtube’ generation get recruited and promoted, so the expectations of digital learning content, instant accessibility, and succinct delivery are increasing. Our white paper shows how the changing mindset and expectations of this workforce, coupled with the thinking behind the 70:20:10 theoretical model, make a compelling case for ambitious organisations to build a microlearning strategy into their people development planning." 

Hard Copies of the paper will be available from Stand U8 at Learning Technologies 2018.