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Growth Engineering Release Major New Gamification Guidebook

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The gamification and learner engagement experts at Growth Engineering have harnessed their 20 years of experience to create and release a comprehensive new gamification guidebook.


Growth Engineering take pride in being gamification experts, enthusiasts and innovators. 

They have seen many amazing online learning success stories, working with organisations like L’Oréal, HP, BT, The World Health Organization, Samsung and more. These success stories are powered by gamification, as all Growth Engineering products harness impactful game mechanics and features.

With this in mind, Growth Engineering wanted to craft a guide that helps organisations, L&D professionals, instructors and teachers alike to create high-impact gamification strategies now and in the future. 

This guidebook, called 'The Ultimate Guide to Gamification in Online Learning', unravels how gamification can be used effectively to engage learners, both in academic and corporate settings.

The epic 55-page guidebook covers the following important topics:

  • The definition, history and benefits of gamification
  • Tips on using gamification in corporate training and the business world
  • Frameworks and current trends that help to guide gamification strategies
  • What future-proofed gamification strategies look like and more

Juliette Denny, Managing Director at Growth Engineering, was delighted about the release of their new guidebook:

“We are excited to reveal our gamification secrets. Growth Engineering have a long history of harnessing the power of gamification in the eLearning industry, and we are proud of how our gamified products have engaged learners over the years. We love the opportunity to share how we help our customers and partners to achieve amazing results.”

The guidebook is available now on the Growth Engineering website.