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Growth Engineering Collaborate with Industry Experts to Release a New Gamification Report

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The gamification experts at Growth Engineering spoke to seven industry luminaries to explore the current gamification landscape and what the future holds for the industry. This research has been collected together into a brand new report.


Gamification has come a long way in the past two decades, and COVID-19 only accelerated its evolution. With this in mind, Growth Engineering collaborated with leading gamification experts from around the world.

These seven awesome individuals, Karl Kapp, Toby Beresford, Monica Cornetti, Dr. Zac Fitz-Walker, Javier Velásquez, Dr. Kat Schrier and Juliette Denny, all contributed their insights about the role of gamification in the ‘new normal’ of learning and development. 

Growth Engineering gathered all these insights into a brand new industry report, called ‘Gamification Now & In The Future’. The report unravels the current gamification market and recent innovations before focusing on what the experts have to say about these developments.

While there are various highlights, the key findings include:

  1. COVID-19 has led to an improved understanding of gamification, which has helped to expedite its development.
  2. Technological innovation will take gamification to the next level by providing more immersive learning experiences.
  3. These innovations will open up more possibilities for embedding gamification in real-world activities and areas.

For example, Monica Cornetti discusses how gamification will evolve:

"Good old points, badges, and leaderboards are no longer good enough, nor are cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all learning experiences. Gamification will evolve from being a few loose game mechanics sprinkled over an existing programme to becoming more integral to the work and learning experience."

Similarly, Karl Kapp has noticed a switch in gamification focus:

“The overall evolution of gamification will be toward connecting people. Many gamification efforts prior to the pandemic seemed to be centred on the engagement of the learner with content. The evolution I am seeing now is that people are recognising how games bring people together and how games unite people over distances.”

The full report is available on the Growth Engineering website.