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Growth Engineering and The World Health Organization Save The World

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Growth Engineering are supporting The World Health Organization in their goal to transform three billion lives by 2023.

Growth Engineering have partnered with The World Health Organization (WHO) to deliver a microlearning app. This microlearning app, named MyBillion, will form part of their World Health Emergencies Leadership Training Programme. It will support the day-to-day development and knowledge-sharing of the WHO leadership and frontline team to help deliver the target of changing three billion lives by 2023. 

MyBillion will revolutionise lifelong learning in health. The app will support stakeholders to achieve its “triple billion” goal: ensuring that by 2023, an additional 1 billion people benefit from universal health coverage, 1 billion more are afforded better protection in health emergencies, and 1 billion more enjoy improved health and wellbeing.

The app was built using The Knowledge Arcade. The Knowledge Arcade is the only mobile learning app that uses gamification and social features in service of an epic cause to build knowledge-sharing communities. 

Juliette Denny, Growth Engineering’s Ideologist in Chief, had this to say about the project: ‘The front line workers at WHO are real-life heroes. They’re responding to crises and disasters every day. At Growth Engineering we are so proud to be partnering with The World Health Organization’s Emergencies Leadership Training Programme. It is the most ambitious learning technologies programme in the world, bar none. To think that our products could help support their goal of transforming three billion lives is the most overwhelmingly exciting and humbling privilege.’