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Growth Engineering rolls out biggest ever update for Genie authoring tool

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Latest update of Growth Engineering's popular content authoring tool, Genie.

Growth Engineering’s Genie authoring tool is the go-to solution for content creators who want to create gamified and game-based learning content. And now it’s received a major new update, with two new games and a slew of user-experience focused improvements. This update was designed to increase the range of learning games available through Genie, whilst making the tool even easier to use than ever before.

The two new games are:

Total Recall: It’s time to put your memory to the test. To succeed, you’ll need to memorise sequences of lights and sounds and recreate them by tapping the relevant sections of the screen. Can you hold your focus?

Mental Blocks: Overcome all obstacles, leap over all hurdles and survive all setbacks with ‘Mental Blocks’. You’ll need to navigate across the screen, collect as many blocks as you can and avoid all negative targets to secure victory.

There is also a choice of game skin available for Mental Blocks, with the addition of Space Blocks. This space-themed variant of ‘Mental Blocks’ is astronomically fun. Learners will need to guide their rocket through the cosmic abyss, collecting score-boosters and avoiding space debris as they go.

Alongside the new games, the bulk of the update centres around improving the user experience, making Genie easier to use than ever before. The improved interface and new, streamlined controls keep Genie at the forefront of the authoring tool market.

Managing Director, Juliette Denny, had this to say: “The new games are absolutely on another level! Growth Engineering’s ethos is always to look to the future of online learning, and for the new games department to have achieved all this in 6 months is simply phenomenal.”

Genie Product Manager, Ben Claiden, had the following to say: “We pride ourselves on being the easiest to use, most powerful gamified and game-based authoring tool on the market. And now we’ve doubled down on both those elements, with two new games with increased levels of interaction and a variety of user interface changes that will make a major difference to content creators”. 

The full run down is available on the Growth Engineering website: What's new on Genie.

New game Total Recall