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New women’s career development programme revealed at Gender Pay Gap Conference

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Green Onyx will unveil Velocity, an innovative online programme enabling women to accelerate their careers and help companies meet new gender pay gap reporting demands.

A new online programme that will help women break through the glass ceiling and accelerate their career trajectory but also help companies to meet the new gender pay gap reporting requirements will get its first public showing at the Gender Pay Gap Conference in London on 12th October. Developed by Green Onyx, the specialist provider of online development programmes for women, Velocity is already being welcomed by organisations keen to demonstrate they are meeting the new demands of Section 78 of the Equality Act by helping to develop their pipeline of future female leaders.

Though this is its first public outing, Velocity has already been taken up by Future Williams & Glyn, RBS, and University of Greenwich. It is also being assessed by at least a dozen more blue-chip companies including QTS Group and Network Rail. Explains Green Onyx managing director Sarah Frame, “We’ve had an amazing response to Velocity from the organisations we’ve shared it with during the pre-launch phase. We know that responsible employers are always keen to develop talent across the board. But with new legal reporting demands now coming into force, the spotlight really is on encouraging women to reach their full potential. That’s what Velocity is all about.”

Much more than just a self-help, how-to programme, Velocity acts a personal support tool which speaks to women as individuals as well as addressing the broader challenges of breaking through in today’s competitive work environments. The programme was authored by Dr. Sarah Robins-Hobden, Chartered Psychologist, and a widely experienced coach and personal development tutor. Her writing provides a fascinating window on the challenges, opportunities and steps that women need to take to get ahead.

From a corporate point of view, Velocity is an especially timely release. Section 78 of the 2010 Equality Act now requires employers with at least 250 employees to publish information relating to the difference in pay between male and female employees. Employers are being forcefully encouraged to provide a commentary that puts the results in context and explains what they are doing to address any issues. Velocity will help them fulfil that requirement.

Marilyn Gilchrist, of Future Williams & Glyn, RBS, and National Chair of Aspiring Women Organisation commented, “We are excited to offer Velocity to women across our organisation through our Aspire Women’s Network. We see Velocity as a valuable tool in building a strong and sustainable pipeline of female talent.”

The programme itself offers five modules covering self-awareness, managing yourself, working with others, achieving potential and maintaining success. It helps to give women courage to develop authority, resilience and assertiveness. There are also topics for negotiating and resolving conflict skills, leadership, dealing with change, promoting your best self and ‘imagineering’ your future.

Green Onyx has focused on making the programme as easy to use and appealing as possible. It will run happily on any connected device, including iPads, iPhones and Android devices. Most importantly, it is designed to entertain and inform which will ensure high completion and satisfaction rates amongst its learners.

More information on Dr. Sarah Robins-Hobden, Author of Velocity: 

About the Gender Pay Gap Conference,

Wednesday 12th October 2016, London Marriott Hotel, West India Quay. Organised by the Fawcett Society, this conference supports the implementation of this significant regulatory gender pay gap change and share best practice from its extensive network and experience in this area. The event has been designed to allow organisations to benchmark their progress against the best in the UK, see how other companies are approaching the challenge of mandatory gender pay reporting and learn the most up to date solutions to meet the timetable and law for publication. More information: