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Go1 showcases how to build effective leadership through L&D at Learning Technologies

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Go1 will discuss how leaders should use L&D as a tool to empower their employees, build capacity from within, and learn how to address skills gaps within their workforce.

Over the past few years, companies have realised the significance of investing in learning and development (L&D) to retain employees, keep them happy, and ensure their long-term investment in the organisation. Workplace needs have been evolving quickly, with talent shortages becoming more prevalent, specialised skills more necessary, and an increasingly diverse multi-generational workforce a reality for many organisations. All of this means that both continual and multi-generational learning will become more essential, making upskilling a necessary strategy.

There are ways to address this, which presents a big opportunity for leaders.

But despite this, Go1’s State of Learning Report found that 40% of L&D professionals feel executive buy-in is missing from their learning strategies.

This presents a problem, as not having buy-in will mean that learning is deprioritised against other metrics. And not having an effective program in place as a result, is detrimental to the collective future of the workforce and its leaders, with smarter and more skilled employees working happier, better, and giving organisations a greater competitive edge.

Presenting at Learning Technologies, Ollie Browning, VP of Sales EMEA at Go1 will examine the importance for leaders to embed L&D into the company’s DNA and design a program that is effective and supportive of employees’ learning goals and time.

Often workforces are divided through their generations – with many discussing the technological disparities between those who grew up with it like Millennials or Gen Z, versus those who did not like Baby Boomers.

This means that upskilling becomes a necessary tool to evolve and grow employees, level out the playing field for multi-generational learning, and fill the gaps within the workforce.

Leaders need to be cognizant of where these skills gaps are, how to identify these skills, and create space for the learning journey within the organisation.

The culture of learning is a critical part of the L&D path, and leaders are responsible for sharing this message through engaging employees in L&D efforts by setting the tone, leading by example, and creating a safe and collaborative environment.

Ollie Browning will provide more actionable insight on how leaders can embed learning into their culture, and empower others to prioritise life long learning, therefore investing in the wellbeing of the future of our workforce.

Join Ollie for his insightful session on Wednesday, May 3 in Seminar Theatre 2 from 14:45pm - 15:15pm and visit Go1’s booth at G30.