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The Qualities People Value Most in Others

Alston, UKLearning NewsGlasstap

Research by Glasstap has shown that we seem to value two qualities above all others when it comes to what we look for and admire in others.

What qualities do you look for in other people? Which of these qualities do you value the most in those you encounter within the workplace? Does that answer vary outside of work? What are your own personal qualities that get commented on most favourably inside and outside of work?

You would expect the answers to these questions would come up with an almost limitless supply of responses. You may however be surprised; Rod Webb from Glasstap explains more: “Qualities and values matter. They come up time and again in training, often eliciting strong opinions and discussions about people who are admired and those who are not. So we wanted to see if certain qualities shone brighter than others in terms of what people value.”

“We decided to undertake some research by asking for responses to a single (open) question. That question was: ‘In one word, what is the single most important quality you look for and admire in others, in your personal and professional life?’v

“We deliberately left it open to enable those responding to pick their own personal choice of word. We had hundreds of responses and, in total, 67 different words were chosen. Yet out of those 67 words, two of them accounted for a massive 44% of respondees.v

“Those two words are honesty (22.8%) and integrity (21.3%). To place it in context the ‘third’ place word, compassion, was selected by 3.7%.”

Honesty and integrity are a heady mix indeed. But maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that so many people instinctively selected them; after all, both are crucial to trust, which in itself goes to the heart of any successful working relationship.

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