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The eLearning design specialists working with the FA and Premier League

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First Media have earned a national reputation for the highly engaging courses they produce for some of the biggest organisations in the sporting world over the last two decades.


Working alongside the FA’s Safeguarding team, First Media recently developed an Equality & Diversity module to address the subject and challenge, educate and inspire coaches to change attitudes and behaviours. Using illustration, video and interactive scenarios, learners are shown a series of personal accounts from players, coaches and officials, with the hope that they can identify and empathise with their central figures in the narrative. The course has now been delivered to more than 50,000 people and has improved the knowledge and attitudes of coaches all over the county. Find out more about the Equality & Diversity course created for the FA.

Along with their work with the FA, First Media have also created several bespoke eLearning courses for the Premier League on topics such as Equality & Diversity, Health & Safety and Anti-Doping for their scholars. After creating many eLearning courses for young people over the years, they knew the content needed to be vibrant, packed-full of interactive content and include lots of bite-size learning to encourage engagement. For this project, they chose a comic book theme, use large fonts and also included ‘awards’ for learners to collect, just like the badges technique widely used in the gaming world. Since these modules have been created, thousands of Premier League Elite Academy Scholars from all over the country have completed the courses. Click here for more information about the eLearning courses for Premier League Scholars.

Ahead of the 2016 Winter Youth Olympics, First Media produced a custom eLearning course covering health and wellbeing for the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Its purpose was to educate female athletes – from all over the world – on various issues relating to health and wellbeing. To achieve the world class course wanted by the IOC, they worked closely with sport and health experts to create 13 learning modules on subjects ranging from Bone Health and Nutrition to Sexual Harassment and Injury Prevention. Due to the nature of some of the topics, it was important that the content was written and developed with sensitivity. First Media used a mixture of film, custom illustrations and interactive activities to bring the content to life for an audience of young athletes. Read about the Female Athlete Health and Wellbeing course created for the IOC.

“We’re really proud to have produced eLearning content for some of the biggest organisations in sport over the years,” said Shane Traill, Director of First Media.

“We first worked with the FA on a project 20 years ago and we’re still providing them with eLearning design support… so we must be doing something right!

“One of the things I think sets First Media apart from others in the industry is our ability to offer clients a personal service. We always take the time to get to know our clients, hear their problems first-hand and work out a way together of solving them.

“Along with the FA, we’ve also developed content for the Premier League, IOC, EFL, League Football Education, RFC and Lawn Tennis Association, to name a few. So, you could say that we’ve found a bit of a niche with sport,” Shane said.

Whether you’re a sporting organisation or not, First Media are an eLearning design specialist with a proven track record for delivering great content.