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Firebrand selected for the North Eastern Universities Purchasing Consortium (NEUPC) training provider framework

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Firebrand Training now able to provide accelerated training and apprenticeships to NEUPC consortia and members.

As a training provider selected for the NEUPC, Firebrand Training is now approved to support the North Eastern Universities Purchasing Consortium (NEUPC) and their members through training and apprenticeships.

Firebrand is providing accelerated training across 400+ IT, cyber security and project management courses to the NEUPC. As government-approved training provider, Firebrand is also now delivering apprenticeships to the NEUPC consortia and their members.

Gavin Freed, Chairman of Firebrand Apprenticeships, said:

“We’re excited to be selected for inclusion on the NEUPC framework. This is a chance for us to apply our experience in commercial training and apprenticeships to support large education sector institutions with IT and digital skills.

“It’s brilliant to see universities using apprenticeships to boost their IT skills - from cyber security to networking. There is an urgent need for more, skilled IT practitioners in all sectors of the economy and higher education is no exception.”

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What is the NEUPC?

The NEUPC is one of six Higher Education purchasing consortia built to maximise value for money and spend within the higher education sector. The NEUPC members include Durham University, University of York, University of Leeds and The Open University, among others.

NEUPC is acting as a lead organisation on half of participating consortia and their members. The framework which Firebrand has been selected for applies to all current and future members of the participating organisations.