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Filtered to unveil a radical evolution of AI-powered search and curation at Learning Technologies

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Filtered+ harnesses the power of generative AI to unlock the power of your organisation’s learning content.

Preview of Filtered+

25 large enterprise organisations already use Filtered’s proprietary algorithms to manage 100,000s of learning content titles. Filtered+ adds a conversational layer to refine search queries, redefine skills and generate playlists for content libraries by connecting Filtered's algorithms to GPT-4.

This combination supercharges the learning content experience for L&D teams, enabling them to be precise with surfacing the right content at the right time

"Filtered+ looks incredibly helpful. We want to tell stories within our learning pathways at Anglo-American and can see the potential to do more of this with Filtered+ and its features," says Katie Morant, Learning Curation Specialist at Anglo American. 

"The ability to discover skills areas we’re not always familiar with as curators and be guided in playlist curation with this is great - it'll make it possible to have much better conversations with subject matter experts and stakeholders."

Filtered’s CEO Marc Zao-Sanders has co-written a HBR article with Cornerstone CLO Marc Ramos to share ‘A Framework for Picking the Right Generative AI Project’ which points out that generative AI has plenty of applications to L&D content. It can "rewrite, synthesize, and update the materials you have to better speak to different audiences, or to make learning material more adaptable to different contexts." And though there are concerns about generative AI’s hallucinations and misinformation, in refining the search or curation experience on a safe set of content, there is plenty of demand, but no risk.

Filtered’s long term customers see huge potential for Filtered+ to make its already powerful curation and tagging technology easier to use and apply.

"What I love about Filtered+ is leveraging the power of generative AI to reflect, refine and realize the specific content you want - it's the smarter approach," says Francesco Mantovani, Global Learning Technologies and Innovation Director at P&G.

"In the ocean of learning content, combining the power of the Filtered platform, as a content compass, with Filtered+, enables you to know why the compass is pointing you to the suggested content."

Visitors to Learning Technologies 2023 (stand N50) will get the world-exclusive hands-on experience of this new feature, which will also be unpacked in the 'Applied AI' seminar with the Filtered team at 3.30-4pm on 3 May (Theatre 9).

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