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Pathway integration opens up new phase for Filtered and Degreed

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It’s now possible to use the power of Filtered’s Content Intelligence to build Learning Pathways fast and publish them into Degreed.

Build pathways in Content Intelligence, instantly publish to Degreed

Filtered’s Content Intelligence (as hailed by the Josh Bersin Company), presents curators with resources which are expertly ranked by their relevance to custom-defined Skills and easy to filter by duration, format, provider and date.

Degreed is the skill-building platform for 400+ customers in 35 countries. Pathways in Degreed enable intentional journeys through a plethora of internal, curated and paid-for third-party content. These valuable creations are prioritised in search results. 

The new level of Content Intelligence integration will save Pathway-builders many hours of searching by suggesting resources aligned to skills and Pathway descriptions. The integration also makes it unnecessary to wait for curation services from a content provider. Instead, Content Intelligence can process any external library and tag it against custom-defined Skills as well as an expert human curator.  

"We have thought hard and published extensively about how to build learning paths that close skill gaps," says Filtered CEO, Marc Zao-Sanders, "but we have nowhere near the reach of Degreed to take those learning paths to the people who could benefit from them. I’m particularly pleased that our two businesses were able to coordinate our product roadmaps on a tight timeframe to make this possible."

Customers are excited about the new level of integration.

"Curating will become so much easier and faster with Content Intelligence," said Jaroslava Bardonova, Digital Learning Products Team Lead at Capgemini. "We cannot wait to put such powerful features to work building Learning Pathways faster. This will help us to serve key stakeholders in an agile way."

"This new functionality will be hugely beneficial to the myriad learning professionals and business leaders that we serve," says Degreed’s VP of Strategic Partnerships, David Taylor, "It will enable them to rapidly build highly relevant learning experiences for their diverse audiences, freeing up valuable time that they can invest in other critical priorities." 

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About Degreed

Degreed empowers growth and innovation through lifelong learning. As a changemaker on a global scale, we serve more than 100 of the Global 2000 and one in three Fortune 50 companies, sparking a culture of learning across the enterprise. In one fluid experience, we help you identify the skills you have and build the skills you need—through individual, collaborative and experiential modes of learning—to drive personal career growth and business results. Founded in 2012, Degreed is translated into 28 languages with users spanning more than 200 countries.

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Jade Emmons

PR Manager, Degreed

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About Filtered

Filtered is a learning tech company that helps organisations spend better, curate faster and enhance learning experiences.

Filtered has the deepest understanding of skills and content data in the industry. Content Intelligence helps large organisations get the most of their L&D spend through understanding how people, skills and content interrelate. We help L&D think and plan. We help end-users learn and flourish.

It has led to partnerships with organisations such as Heineken, AstraZeneca and Danone leading six-figure savings on content and curation spend whilst raising employee engagement. Filtered was founded 13 years ago and has helped over a million people build the skills they need to do better work.


Najmah Salam

Head of Marketing at Filtered

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