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Greg Detre assumes Filtered’s Chief Product and Technology Officer role

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The experienced data science leader takes charge of the Filtered smart LXP as a host of new features are rolled out in version 1.1.


Greg Detre will lead the next generation of the Filtered product as the company sets out to expand the LXP’s capabilities and flexibility. Having run data science and technology operations at Updraft, The Guardian, Big Health, and Channel 4 he brings a huge amount of operational and technical experience to Filtered. 

Detre also provides a track history of success. He was awarded DataIQ’s 2019 ‘Best data and analytics team’ for his work at Channel 4 and co-won the Young Investigator Award for his work developing a machine learning toolbox for brain imaging at Princeton University.

Greg Detre takes over at a pivotal time for Filtered, as its new host of features for version 1.1 are rolled out. These include structured playlists, customisable content authoring, social features, live-streaming, and improved behavioural nudges. In his new role, Greg Detre will direct the implementation of these features and the development of the next generation of upgrades.

“I’m excited to take over the Filtered product at such an important time for the business and industry,” said Greg. “The functionalities developing on the Filtered platform are set to make it a gamechanger on skills and content overload. I’m looking forward to reaching new heights as an organisation and empowering businesses and learners to improve together."