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Filtered release lightpaper on the skills landscape in 2021

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Written by Marc Zao-Sanders, Filtered CEO, the lightpaper fills the gap in practical knowledge about building skills in 2021.


93% of businesses see upskilling as a #1 priority. McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, and the UK government have all given special attention to upskilling and reskilling. However, little has been written about the everyday reality of skills. The Filtered lightpaper, released last week, aims to rectify this. 

The lightpaper covers four key areas: the state of skills in 2021; how data should be best used to understand organisational skills needs; the practicalities of building a skills framework; and how skills and learning content should be tethered together. 

Using data from Filtered’s flagship technology Content Intelligence, the lightpaper shows how skills, and their relation to content, are understood in modern organisations. It examines how this type of data can be used to connect learners to learning materials. 

Marc Zao-Sanders, Filtered’s founder and CEO, has been a part of the learning profession for almost 20 years. In that time, he has developed an in-depth understanding of skills which is rooted in organisation realities. The skills lightpaper is a distillation of this experience in the context of 2021. 

The lightpaper can be accessed here