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Filtered and Fosway to help solve skills in the era of content overload

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On 30th March at 15:00, Filtered and Fosway, Europe’s #1 industry analyst, will discuss how to make sense of the overwhelming amount of learning content and provide skills that match business needs.


Business change is more volatile than ever before, and digital learning is the only way businesses have to keep up. Enforced digital transformation has left learning leaders and the people they serve overloaded with content, with little idea of what’s effective, and no easy access to the data or expertise to find out.

Yet businesses demand rapid upskilling and reskilling to deal with change. So it’s unsurprising that managing and supporting skills has become a key focus for learning systems roadmaps. As organisations grapple with how to define skills and what the skills gaps are in their context, one of the major challenges is mapping the required skills to resources and courses in an overloaded learning ecosystem to help learners reduce skills gaps or reskill in a different area.

Fiona Leteney, Senior Analyst at Fosway Group, and Marc Zao-Sanders, CEO of smart LXP provider Filtered, will be discussing how to approach these challenges. They will interrogate why traditional approaches to managing skills aren’t paying dividends, how learning systems providers are tackling skills, and how businesses can use data to optimise their own skills frameworks and content libraries.

Interested attendees can register for free here.