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magpie API to integrate with HT2 Labs products this September

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HT2 Labs have confirmed Filtered’s AI, magpie, will deliver personalized learning recommendations through HT2 products from September.

Following a long friendship, the teams at HT2 Labs and Filtered are partnering to bring the Learning and Development industry a complete personalized learning offering. The partnership will see Filtered’s stack of algorithms, magpie, deliver personalized learning recommendations to HT2’s platforms.

magpie is already closely integrated with HT2’s Learning Locker, the Learning Record Store. The focus of this new partnership will allow HT2 customers to ‘close the loop’ of powering recommendations with their experience data, driving engagement through accurate and timely recommendations.

HT2 Labs CEO Ben Betts commented, "This is a huge step forward in the industry and showcases how two innovators can come together in a seamless way." Marc Zao-Sanders, CEO of Filtered, added, "Thanks to magpie’s new API integration capability, our systems come together in a flawless fashion."

Customers will be able to launch the magpie sequence through a chatbot interface, directly integrated into HT2 products. magpie draws its recommendations from a list of 40 core competencies, instantly returning a set of personalized recommendations curated from sources including HBR, TED, Forbes, The Economist, FutureLearn and many more. More information about magpie is available via the Filtered website.

Both companies will be sharing updates in the form of blog posts and videos as they work together towards a launch event in September. To stay up to date on these follow Filtered on Twitter or LinkedIn.